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“What I love about Portrai Me is that they bring your life to LIFE. Every drawing is so detailed and unique to YOU.”
– Grace Luna, Portrai Me Customer

"I found Portrai Me while on the hunt for an anniversary present for my partner. It seemed perfect - a gift that was about our relationship, not just something for him or for me. 

The process was a breeze - they were very responsive, clear, and answered all my questions. I am so impressed at the attention to detail and the care that goes into this work. 

When I finally shared it with my partner, it proved to be the perfect present indeed because we spent the rest of the night reminiscing those moments and all the love that went into them..."

“… I think that rather than buying another shirt, book, or trinket that would eventually lose its appeal, it was extra special to get to support some crazy talented artists and give a one-of-a-kind gift. Will definitely be going back for more.”
– Rachel, Portrai Me Customer

"The whole experience with Portrai Me felt super intimate and personal . . . I knew I wanted a piece of art for my apartment, and thinking of visuals to describe my favorite things was like a cool art journal entry. Emailing back and forth was so easy too - the artists want to make sure you are happy! It’s so special, personal and affordable, and now I can’t wait to gift one to everyone in my family for Christmas this year!"

- Gabriella G., Portrai Me Customer

“. . . I loved the ethos behind this project, to highlight the weird and specific aspects which make us who we are. Such seemingly random and superficially mundane objects, people, and places are what can carry such significance when forming our self identity. I found within Portrai Me a chance to commemorate and solidify all the aspects of my early life which helped me become the person I am today. ”
– Portrai Me Customer

"Portrai Me was present in our wedding and now present in our home. Thank you, we are so happy with our meaningful work of art."

- Elizabeth H., Portrai Me Customer