Custom Color Portrai Me


All of our custom color Portrai Me drawings are made by hand with ink and gouache paint on fine art paper. Each piece is a unique piece of art made specifically for you. Pick a size below to get started!

Once you place the order we will email you a form within 48 hours to customize your piece with any imagery you would like. You can then provide words and attach images for us to work from. The image seen here is just an example.

Please review our customization terms and conditions before ordering.

S – 5×7” w/ up to 10 images – $99

M – 8×10” w/ up to 15 images – $189

L – 11×14” w/ up to 20 images – $299

XL – 15×20” with up to 30 images – $429

Please note: As the pieces go up in size they also go up in detail.

PLEASE READ: Our custom painting orders are at capacity for the holidays. But, you can still give the gift of a Portrai Me this Holiday Season! If you would like to give the gift of a Portrai Me this holiday season please choose the “Gift Card Delivered For Holidays” option from our drop down menu. We will mail you a Portrai Me Gift Card you can give to the recipient during the Holidays letting them know their custom painting is coming and will be delivered in the beginning of the new year. You can either customize the piece for them, they can customize the piece once it is received, or you guys can customize the piece together once the gift is given!

Our earliest delivery date for finished Portrai Me paintings currently will be around January 15th. Please still order now, customize the piece, and give a gift card in the meantime. If you have questions please send us an email at

GIFT CARDS: If you would like to give a Portrai Me and allow the recipient to customize the drawing – check out our Gift Card option. 

These paintings are for personal use only. If you would like to have a piece made for any sort of reproduction, card, tattoo, etc… please visit our design page for info.

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