Our Team


Shane Butler is Portrai Me’s founder and lead-artist. He originally began this project as a way to make drawings for his friends while on tour with his band. After the project spread through word- of-mouth over a few years he decided to open up the project publicly and formed Portrai Me.

He is an interdisciplinary visual artist who has shown drawing, video, and performance works in such places as The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, The Queens Museum, The Rubin Museum, and various galleries & festivals internationally.

Shane also has a life as a recording and performing musician who has written and toured extensively over the past 10 years with his band’s Olden Yolk and Quilt. His recordings have been released by record labels such as Mexican Summer, Trouble In Mind, Beyond Beyond is Beyond, and others.

He currently spends time between Los Angeles, New York, and the long winding road.


Coco is our studio manager and uses her incredible Virgo sensibilities to make sure everything is in its right place.

Based in Los Angeles, she is working on a master’s degree in music business.

She has been working with Portrai Me since 2018 managing the studio, writing to all of you, and shipping orders to your door. She loves looking at all the photos of your dogs and cats.


Centa Atencio is one of our senior artists and the second to join our team.

She is an interdisciplinary artist and mom of 2 girls who spends a lot of time outside. Based in Santa Cruz, Ca.

(More coming later!)