Customization Guidelines

Customization Guidelines

Portrai Me custom drawings and paintings are one-of-a-kind artworks created by hand with ink pens and gouache paint on fine art paper. Since these are handmade pieces, once they are painted it is not possible to change, move, or remove items. Only minor adjustments can be made once the piece is completed. 

Because of this, we ask that you please review the following guidelines before ordering.


A Portrai Me custom drawing is usually completed in 4 to 6 weeks (unless ordered expedited) — this is an estimate, and your piece will be completed within this general time frame. Let us know if there is a specific date you need your piece — we will do our best to accommodate as long as it is within the stated time frame.

International Orders

We cannot guarantee delivery dates for international orders as customs / shipping times are different for each country. However, we will provide a scan of your image and ship your piece within our usual 4 to 6 week timeline. This will allow you to have the digital image and shipping confirmation within this time frame. All international customs surcharges and import taxes are the responsibility of client ordering. The fees associated on our checkout for international pieces are for shipping & handling only. 

Priority items / placement

If you would like something to be the focal point or in the center of the piece, please mark it “priority.” If you have any other specific placement or arrangement in mind for your items, please let us know.

Objects / People

Each item written down or each person, animal, or object in an attached photograph counts as one item. If you submit a picture that has multiple people, animals, or objects, every individual “thing” counts as one item on your list. For example, “here is a picture of my friend and I” = two items – one for your friend and one for you. “My three dogs” = three separate items – one for each dog, etc.

Reference Images

If you are wanting a specific item, object, or person drawn, please attach reference photos when submitting your list. We can only illustrate as accurately as your photo represents the object, so ensure the photo is well lit and includes all important details.

Drawing Style Note

This project is based on representations of images / words provided and is not a project based on pure realism. If you submit a specific image of a person, note that it may not be a ‘perfect’ rendering of them – but will be more of a representation or doodle of the image provided. Our project is based on a certain style and its main focus is on representing the motifs in one’s life, not making a picture perfect portrait of someone. We are happy to draw people if you submit them, but want this to be as clear as possible to help you guide your list: We will use the images you provide as a guide to create a stylized rendition of the person. You can look through our Instagram or our Gallery Page to get an idea of how we draw people.


We cannot draw specific brands or logos in our pieces for copyright reasons. If you do wish to include some sort of reference we can try the best we can to do so in an interpretive way. However, it will not be an exact replica, and it will not include the brand name.

Celebrity Images

If you wish to include a famous celebrity in your portrait know that it will be a ‘reference’ and not an exact interpretation of them. Please submit the specific image that you would like us to work from.

Please send us an email if you have any further questions: