Both! All of our custom drawings are one-of-a-kind drawings made by hand using ink and gouache on fine art paper. We will send you the physical drawing in the mail and also will send you a digital scan upon completion.

Once you pick a size and place your order we will send you a form within 24-48 hours to customize your piece. Please also review our customization guidelines about how to attach words & images you’d like to use and any limitations on what you can submit.

Before you order you can see how many objects you can put in each size portrait on our shop page.

Right now our usual turnaround times are between 4-6 weeks. Yet, we can often expedite the piece as early as you need it if you pay a small expedite fee. When we send you the form to customize the piece for yourself we can let you know what our expedite queue looks like and how much it will be. Like mentioned earlier, all these pieces are hand-made and take time to complete. We are trying to find ways to minimize the wait time in the future – but right now this is where we are at.

Yes! We do ship internationally. Yet, because international shipping rates are much higher the shipping can be a little more expensive and take a bit more time to get to you. All international customs surcharges and import taxes are the responsibility of client ordering. The fees associated on our checkout for international pieces are for shipping & handling only. 

We are shipping from the US. If you want to order internationally, make sure to put in order as soon as possible to get to you when you need it. 

We will send you a digital scan of the image before we ship out the piece if you’d like. Since the pieces are all hand-paintings and not digitally made we can only provide minor adjustments once the piece is complete. That being said, if there is a major error or you are completely unhappy with the piece we can always work together to get a satisfactory result!

Like mentioned earlier, each custom Portrai Me is a one-of-a-kind handmade drawing. We have a small team working on these and they each take time to complete. On top of that our order queues are usually quite large and we make them in the order we receive them. If you would like to receive your drawing in less than 6 weeks you can always pay a small fee to expedite the piece.

We are currently a small team of working artists making these drawings. Check out our team to learn more!

Yes! We love to work on design projects outside of our custom portraits and products. If you would like to get in touch about a project please contact info@portrai.me or check out our design page to learn more.

Yes! We have a new gift card option so you can allow your gift recipient to customize the Portrai Me.

Still have a question?

Contact us at info@portrai.me